COVID 19 Policy

We have made changes to the way the clinic will operate as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic to help keep our patients and practitioners safe. The main points are summarised below, if you have any questions or would like any more information please do ask us.

All patients must wear a mask/ face covering before entering the clinic and use hand sanitiser provided before entering the treatment room (If needed we can provide a disposable face mask for a charge of £1)

There will be no waiting area available. Patients will be collected at their appointment time from outside the clinic & taken straight to the treatment room. Please wait outside the main door on the high street

All practitioners will be wearing PPE as per guidance from Public Health England & Institute of Osteopathy- currently this means practitioners will be wearing masks, gloves & apron, visor to be worn if required as per risk assessment

All patients to a have pre-screening call before their appointment. Follow up appointments available as a phone call or face to face as appropriate

Clinic rooms will be cleaned after each patient- the treatment couch including face hole both sides & pillows, wiping desk/ chairs/ door handles/ card machine

Floor to be cleaned after each patient using mop with washable pads changed after each use (washed at 60 degrees) or disposable floor wipes

Communal/ Washrooms- door handles/ taps/ toilet cleaned at least every 3hrs with diluted zoflora/ dettol as available.

End of day cleaning as above, plus wipe all hard surfaces/ filing cabinet including handles

Toilets are currently for staff use only

Appointment times will be staggered to minimise number of patients in the clinic & entering/exiting at different times

All linens have been removed from treatment room

Contactless payments/ online/ BACS transfer preferred

Hand gel dispenser outside treatment room

Correct hand washing technique posters displayed at sinks

Donning & doffing PPE- iO video procedure shown to practitioners & poster in treatment room. Practitioners updated on clinic policy & infection control measures.